Knowledge of Society

Knowledge of Society is the information society planning conception for specification of Social by Knowledge Relation, the mutual interaction of conceptual and active forms of knowledge. Conception is applied on development of Information Society Services and their components Knowledge Management and Information Security.

The principal argument in Knowledge of Society is that social space and time, Global and History, are created in a social process of global contingency management. Development of social dimensions is presupposition for knowledge. They are created by risk of transferable conceptual knowledge and probability of active knowledge continuity in social relations.

The inception of information society is based on knowledge and change of social interaction mediated by it. Development of knowledge relation is change of social into network, into Globalnet

Knowledge of Society conception constitutes following service bodies:

  • kRelation and kManagement: Knowledge creation, development and management - Knowledge Relation, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Governance
  • kSecurity: Management of global contingency - Information Security, Risk management
  • kServices and Globalnet: Development of social relations based on networks - Information Society Services and Networks
  • Training
  • Research

The social scientific foundation of argumentation is developed in series Knowledge of Society White Papers, Publications and Training Papers